happy festival of time, light and life!!

and happy festivals for all of our patron saints!

just a note to myself for the moment,
i am not going to link to this site
from any of my other sites
just to see how long it takes
for the search engines to find me.
just interesting... google found this site within a couple of days.
when i googled my domain name, a lot of sites came up that monitor
registration of new domain names. so it is safe to say that the search engines
also monitor new domain name registrations, and go catalog the new web sites
for their search results. it makes a certain amount of sense. just interesting is all.

i've got me some animated gifs!

these are our patron saints!

creating sacred space

my dad

happy 2012 year of the dragons

click here for more dragon pics!! all one one page!

click here for more dragon pics!! as a web album!!

download all of the dragon pics!! 2.9MB zipped!!!!

oh right... the guy who owns this site...
that would be me, micheal hallsted, aka harmless
the guy with rocks in his pants pockets :)
these are here to make life easier for me
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