hello to all of our patron saints!!

and hello and merry christmas to all of the puppies!!!

  • our patron saints :
  • mariachi
  • sanjeevini
  • time and light and life
  • love and purity
  • peace and happiness
  • serenity and tranquility
  • hope and joy
  • hope and a joyful joyous joy
  • kindness and helpfulness
  • thoughtfulness and patience
  • thank yous and thankfulness
  • courage and bravery
  • valor and honor
  • safety and security
  • health and wellness, well being and wholeness
  • strength, vim, vigor, and vitality
  • and the good luck
  • honesty and integrity
  • prosperity and abundance
  • chastity and charity and charisma
  • perseverance, due diligence, and wealth
  • knowledge and wisdom
  • truth and justice
  • mercy and compassion
  • music
  • all of the arts & crafts:
  • and all of the arts & sciences:
  • including...
  • pottery and sculpture
  • sewing, weaving, quilting, knitting,
  • leather making, woodworking, and metal crafting
  • and all of that good stuff
  • drawing and painting
  • composition and writing
  • flying and navigation
  • boating and orienteering
  • engineering and architecture
  • swimming
  • archery and riding
  • the martial arts & weapons training, but all in the way of the peaceful warrior.
  • and the patron saints of
  • common sense, and common courtesy,
  • common decency, and common dignity,
  • common knowledge, and common respect.
  • and 2 more that i overlooked somehow,
  • existence. and
  • the mother elementals.
  • amen! ole!
    our little health prayer...
    may you always be well,
    may you always be healthy,
    may you always have well-being!
    and may you always be free from sickness and illness and injury!
    but... if you ever do get sick, or injured, or hurt... or just feeling sad...
    may you... recover quickly, heal completely, and become whole once again!!!
    amen! ole!
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